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Easy Weather Map will allow you to search for any location and instantly see the "Big Picture". Once you enter a "Place" in the form below, the map will center on the location and two more tabs will appear above. They will zoom into the "Regional" and "City" levels of detail.

NOTE: The "Search" and "Layers" are only available under the "Cloud Layer" tab above.

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Your search results and/or your IP Location, are automatically saved below, and should persist between browser sessions. Use the SET HOME button to set your opening view. Use the REMOVE CURRENT button to remove unwanted Places from the list.

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First ZOOM the map to your area of interest, then SEARCH.

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Check the weather and look for something to do!

If you zoom in on an interesting place, like a "Ski Resort", right click the location a pick "Open in 3D" to see a view in Google Earth!

Use the icon buttons below to filter your view.

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"LOD" Tabs (Cloud, Regional, City)

Use the "Level of Detail" Tabs to quickly navigate. Each LOD has content suitable for that view. The tabs in the main area will change when you change the LOD.

Best Workflow

The "Current" location will have a large arrow pointing at it. LOD Tabs will zoom in/out on this location. Previous locations will have a smaller arrow. Click them to go back. Use "Search" to go to a new place. It will "Autocomplete" as you type, then move the map to the place. This web page is optimized for Fernie, BC, Canada. If you are going to cruise the planet, you may prefer our Global Site

More help is on our blog, the link is below.

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